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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Three Homes in Angola Just Alike

Many have often wondered about the three houses of similar design on Maumee Street in Angola - two east of the square, one occupied by Weir Morse (location of current Chamber of Commerce on East Maumee Street) and one now owned by Mrs Don Cameron (current Cline Museum), and the one west of the railroad owned  by Arthur Field (Current location of new St Anthony's Catholic Church).  These three houses were built in the summer and fall of 1891, in accordance with the will of the late Bradley Moss, which in bequeathing his property, expressed the desire that the three children here, Mrs Margaret Moss Field, Frank S Morse  who had taken the name from an earlier ancestor, and Mrs Anna Osborn, should all build fine home for themselves as early as possible.  The homes were all built by Gid Finch from plans made by a Mr Allen, and were very commodious and much in advance of the homes then existing in Angola,  They were all piped for gas, as natural gas was being found at that time in this section of the country.  The Field and Morse homes still remain in the family, the Osborn home having been purchased by the late Cyrus Cline and is now owned by his daughter, Mrs Cameron.  The exteriors of the homes have been changed somewhat according to the trend of building styles.

Taken from Steuben Republican Sept 25, 1935  
Information in parenthesis supplied by librarian

  Field Home                                         Osborn Home  (Cline Museum)