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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Remarkable Woman - Elizabeth Maugherman

     "Elizabeth Maugherman was a remarkable woman who lived to be 108 years young.  She is considered to be the only person to live to that age in this section of the country.
     Some of Mrs. Maughman's descendants are still around the area today, which isn't too surprising considering she had 17 children, and, at one time, had 150 living descendants.
     Elizabeth Maugherman was born at Bricelious X Roads, Pennsylvania, June 1, 1805, and was first married to John Conway, who was injured, had a leg amputated, and died the next day after their marriage.
     Later she married Adam Maugherman and there were born to them 17 children, among the number being two pair of twins.  The husband of one of her daughters was in the Mexican War.
     She lived when the first stove was brought to Indiana; before we had railroads or telegraphs, or telephones, or electric lights, or the wireless, or street cars, or automobiles, or flying machines.
     She lived when women made their own soap, moulded candles, wove cloth for their garments; used the distaff and spinning wheel.
     Her life reaches back to a time when people did not know of the wonders of the great universe as they do now, and never dreamed that man working with God's laws and elements would accomplish what is now the heritage of oncoming generations.
    Mrs. Maugherman died in Scott Township on Sunday, June 8, 1913, 108 years and seven days after her birth.
     She was a great-great aunt of Ken, Cecil, Fred, and Grant Maugherman, all still living in the Angola area.
     Can anyone top this old-timer?"
Steuben Republican, December 25, 1968