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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Little Angola School History

There are very few living today who can remember the first school building in Angola.  It was a rudely built log house located a block south of the Methodist church where Dr Anderson now lives.(near Johnson's (Klinks) Funeral Home on S West St.)  In this building school was held for several years until a two-room frame building was built a block north of the Methodist church, the corner occupied by Dole's Canning Factory. (current site of city parking lot next to Police and Fire Department)   This building burned in 1864.

In 1862 the first high school was organized.  The first term opened in December in the building known as the Bee Hive, now occupied by Hendry Hotel. (southwest corner of Maumee and Elizabeth) Professor Cowan and Mary Clinton were the first teachers.

After the burning of the frame building in 1864, the school was held in several places until two years later when a three story brick building was erected on the site of the present High School building. ( current location of the  Steuben County Community Center)   At first there were four recitation rooms on each of the first two floors and a large hall on the third floor.  Here all the social, literary, and dramatic performances of school and town were held.  The janitors of the building were pupils from the country who worked for their tuition.  They roomed in the dressing room on the third floor.

A school bell was purchased in the spring of 1866, immediately after the completion of the building.  This was not used for about a month, when it was hung with great difficulty.  Until it was hung Professor Carlin used an old cracked hand bell.  Fifteen years later, the new bell having become cracked, was taken down and sold.

The new school, which was known as Angola Academy, was under the principalship of Professor Carlin, later under Professor Williams with A.W. Long assistant.  In 1876, the school passed under the control of the corporation and has since been known as Angola High School.

In 1883 the building was condemned and was torn down.  Part of the material was used in the present ( torn down in 1932)  building which was built upon the spot where the old building stood.  As the years went by more room was needed and an assembly room and the first and second grade rooms were added.

Taken From: "The Key"  Published by the students of Angola High School, supervised by the seniors April 23, 1919
Remarks in the parenthsis made by librarian.