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Wednesday, December 14, 2016



Merchants Plan Elaborate Decorations and Entertainment for Yuletide Season

Stores Are Prepared

Angola's annual holiday trade opening will take place next Saturday, Dec. 5th, and the stores are now busy placing their stocks and are being transformed with Christmas decorations into places of Yuletide attractiveness.  One who makes an investigation will find that the stocks are comparable to those found in the large cities, and the effort made to care for the local trade suggests a response on the part of the purchasing public, especially in consideration of the fine program of decorations and entertainment that have been planned.

Beginning with next Saturday,, free motion picture matinees will be given for children at the Brokaw Theater at 2:00 o'clock.  It is suggested that parents leave their children there as proper chaperonage will be provided while the older folks are shopping.

Santa Claus will be here each Saturday and will have a treat for the children on the last Saturday.

For the older folks, entertainment has been provided as well, as there will be a grand gift distributions to all Christmas shoppers on Saturday Dec. 12, 19, and Wednesday, Dec. 23 at 3:00 P.M.

Christmas Decorations Planned
Angola is known from coast to coast for the elaborateness of its public Christmas decorations.  Angola merchants plan this year to maintain the high standard of former years, and the Angola Garden Club will add to the program its Yuletide Home Decoration Contest.  Large Christmas trees will be placed on the public square this week, and the lamp posts will be decorated with colored stars.  Next week the lamp posts will be transformed into Christmas trees, and many business places will place trees about their store fronts.  With a program of entertaining events Angola should ooze the Christmas spirit freely.

It is not out of place to remind the citizens that mush of this fine work is due to the enterprise of the local merchants and they should be remembered when Christmas purchases are planned.

Steuben Republican  December 2, 1936

Public Square Ablaze with Many Colored Lights and Christmas Greens

Angola, known far and wide for its beautiful Christmas Decorations, is again garbed in resplendent lights and yuletide greens.  The Christmas spirit is manifested in the decorations continued into the store windows, and those which are beginning to appear in other parts of the city.

The illumination of the public square, with the strands of colored lights from the tip of the monument to the four light posts, it's festooned circles around the mound. it's four great Christmas trees, all filled with colored lights and mounted with huge stars, causes visitors to stop and comment and travelers will carry visions of the scene far and wide.

The Christmas trading season opened formally last Saturday.  The stores were gaily decorated. Groups of school children sang Christmas carols about the streets during the evening.

No decorations however can compare with the fine stock of Christmas gifts arranged for the convenience of the shoppers.  Many have spoken of the fine selection, of the zeal which the merchants have shown in meeting their customers needs, and the fine community spirit shown in decorating the city all of which, it is suggested, merits patronage at home.

Gift Distribution Next Saturday

Next Saturday afternoon will occur the first of three holiday gift distribution events.  Shoppers are given tickets without charge, which will entitle them to participate in the event.  The gift distribution will take place at 3:00 0'clock.

Free picture shows will be offered at Brokaw's Theatre on Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm.  This is doe the children.  Shoppers may leave their children here under chaperonage furnished, and do their Christmas trading.

A cordial greeting awaits all visitors to the local stores.  You are asked to look over the stocks and see what fine offerings are available.

Steuben Republican December 9, 1936