Local History and Genealogy

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Notes from The Old Settlers Association

"I came to this state July 1st, 1833, and settled in Jackson Prairie.  At that time Steuben county was a perfect wilderness and there was not a white man living between Fort Wayne and Brushy Prairie.  We depended on our rifles for our meat, venison being our main supply.  The pelts we sold to buy clothing for our families.  Pork was not to be got short of Fort Wayne, and was 25 cents  per pound.  I helped to build the first bridge in the county on the old Defiance road near Hog-Back Hills.  I built the first cellar wall built in the county for James McConnell.  Our Flour Mill was 30 miles off, and we had hard work to get along as money was scarce."
Samuel Green Aged 64 years
Taken From Early Settlers History October 29, 1873