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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ten Reasons Why You Should Want a State Park In Steuben County

1.  A state park in Steuben county will give us a public outing place at our door, where we can enjoy beautiful drives and park conveniences, and have access to lake shores in all times to come.

2.  The state will improve this park for us by building drives, pavilions, hotels, playgounds, and establish flower, bird and game preserves.

3.  The state will advertise the lakes of Steuben county throughout the whole country by means of booklets, circulars, pictures and magazine articles.
4.  This will bring thousands of people here every year, who will patronize our business houses, our hotels, our resorts, our garages, our restaurants and buy at first market the products of our farms.

5.  This will induce the state to build even better roads into Steuben county.

6.  The amount of travel into and through a community makes the property valuable.  High-priced city lots were once cheap farm lands.

7.  It will increase the value of our lake properties so that they will bear a larger proportions of our taxes.

8.  This county has spent thousands and thousands of dollars in trying to finance industrial propositions not suited to the community.  Here we are promoting the natural valuable assets of the county, which will bring sure and substantial returns.

9.  A state institution is a valuable asset to any community and in eagerly sought by every community.  Here is our chance to secure the best kind of a state institution - one that will make our life broader, more prosperous and happier.

10. The state eventually will locate a park in northeastern Indiana.  Do you want it in Steuben county or 60 - 76 miles away?
Steuben Republican October 29, 1924