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Friday, July 23, 2010

John K. Folck - Scott Township

John K Folck a native of Pennsylvania, born April 30, 1823 died in Steuben County Indiana March 20, 1907.  When he was four years of age his parents, Abram and Hannah Folck, moved to Knox County, Ohio, and thence to Morrow County, where he was reared.
In 1841 he came to Steuben County, with a view of making it his place of residence. He made the journey alone and on foot, but returned to Ohio and in 1845 came again to the county and selected a tract of land and girdled the trees for future clearing. In 1847 he moved to the county and settled on the land where he lived until he died, on section XI, Scott Township.  His farm contains 160 acres of valuable land.
The brick schoolhouse of District No. 1 was located on the southwest corner of his land.
Mr. Folck was married in 1843 in Morrow County, Ohio, to Margaret Valentine, who was born in Seneca County, Ohio. She died in 1859, aged thirty-six years, leaving five daughters, Mrs. Sarah L. Weiss, Mrs. Hattie E. Myers, Mrs. Ann E. Dygert, Mrs. Mary A. Henny, Mrs. Rosa T. Fulmer.
In 1860 Mr. Folck married Mrs. Martha Rathbun, daughter of Samuel Nichols.  One son was born to them—Fremont.  Mrs. Folck died in 1863, aged thirty-five years.  
In 1870 he was married to Mrs Louisa Headley, widow of Daniel Headley, an early settler of Steuben County.  
Mr. Folck was a prominent citizen of Scott Township, active in promoting its material interests. He served as Assessor twice and was an Appraiser under the old system.  He cleared the farm with his own hands, and made it one of the best farms in Scott Township. In politics he was an old Abolitionist and became a Republican.  In religion he was liberal,  believing in all good work, and never used either whiskey or tobacco. 

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