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Friday, May 28, 2010

Decoration Day 1901

Following is the list of soldiers and members of the W.R.C. (Women's Relief Corps) whose graves were remembered with the dear old flag and beautiful flowers, in the old (Old Angola)  and Circle Hill Cemeteries: 
Circle Hill
Capt. W. H. Cole, Co. A. 129th Ind.
J. H. Chapple, Co. A, 44th Ind.
Wm H. Merritt, Co. K. 111th Mich.
Wm. Hanselman, Co. A, 129th Ind.
John B. Moore, Co. F, 27th Iowa
Austin Pross, Co. E, 13th Mich
Henry Delaney, Co. F, 48th Ohio
Dr. Geo.W.McConnell, Q.M., 44th Ind
Andrew Jackson, Co. H. 74th Ind.
Samuel Clark, Co. H, 5th Mich
Wm. Shore, Co. E, 32nd Ohio
Henry Morrow, Co. D, 142nd Ind
Nathan D. Robinson, Co. K, 104th Ohio
Flem W. Bodley, Co. B, 88th Ohio
Capt. Alex W. Button, Co. H, 112th N.Y.
Andrew Restler, Co. D, 142nd Ohio
Capt. Sidney Lawrence, Co. A. 96th Ill.
Christopher Hart, Co. B, 78th Ohio
James Boline, Co. A, 180th Ohio
Lewis Jennings, Co.E, 151st Ohio
Augustus L. Hubbard, Co. A, 15th U.S. Reg.
Julius VanAuken, Co.A, 129th Ind
Capt. Chas F. Kinney, Co. A, 44th Ind
Samuel Truesdale, Co. E, 74th Ind
Germ Brown, Q. M. 100th Ind
Henry Twitchell, Co. A, 44th Ind
John H. Trainer, Co. H, 75th Ind
John S Tarr, Co.F, 21st Ohio
John C. Stealy, Co. A, 129th Ind

Veterans of 1812
Williard DeWitt
John L. Jackson

W.R.C. No. 37 ( Woman's Relief Corps)
Mrs. Ada Bowman
Mrs. Francis M. Carpenter
Mrs. Susan Russell
Mrs. Sarah E Humphreys
Miss Kate Wood
Dr. Anna H. Rakestraw

Old Cemetery (Old Angola)
Sergt. W.J. S. Bullard, Co.A, 129th Ind.
Samuel Tinsley, Co. C, 129th Ind.
Henry Nichols, Co B, 4th Mich.
John H. Nichols, Co. E, 9th Ind.
Thomas Milbourn, Co. H, 6th Mich., H. Art
Josiah Lonabaugh, Co.F, 82nd Ohio
Henry Haskins, Co. D, 12th Ind. Cav.
John H. Stealy, Co. A 44th Ind.
Samuel B. Mason Co. A, 72nd Ohio
Sergt. Thomas G. Moffett, Co. D, 44th Ind.
Emile Sholtz, Co. A, 88th Ind.
Sergt. Henry Merriman, Co. A, 44th Ind.
James Shay, N.Y. Regiment
Lieut. Geo. J. Tuttle, Co. C, 12th Ind. Cav.

Steuben Republican -  June 5, 1901