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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Steuben Civil War History and Monument

Jesse H. Carpenter's war history of Steuben county will be on sale in a few days.  It is dedicated to the "mothers and wives of the veteran; the memory thereof to the sons, daughters and kins of veterans."  The book is to be sold at $2 per copy, and after paying necessary expenses of canvassers and advertising, two-thirds of the proceeds will be set aside to purchase a soldiers' monument.  The following gentlemen have been selected as a monument committee to examine specification and designs  and receive money from canvassers: S. A. Powers, Oscar Rakestraw, Eugene Carver, W. E. Kimsey, A. J. Snyder and A. Somerlott.  We trust every citizen of the county will take a special interest in this matter.

A proposition has been made to erect upon the circle in the public square of Angola, a monument to the memory of those who fell in deference of their country, its flag and its government in the late war.  The purpose is a most worthy one, and should appeal to every patriotic heart.  Ingratitude is the basest of crimes," it said.  Those now on the stage of American life, enjoying all the honors and blessings of a preserved Union.

Steuben Republican July 3, 1889