Local History and Genealogy

Thursday, August 21, 2014


The passing of the late Judge Clyde C Carlin bring to memory a group of the well known citizens and professional men of the past generation who termed themselves the "Sons of Rest" - a sort of a "Last Man's Club."  These were all prominent men and many will bee remembered by the older readers.  It is suggested that the reader pause and try to name each of these before proceeding with the article.  A good narrative could be told of each of these men.  First at the left was Thad K. Miller, who had his office in the building now known as the Bassett building.  He was a veteran of the Civil War and was a notary public and U.S. Claim Agent.  Next was Frank E. Burt, well known jeweler and optician, who then had his store next north of the Steuben Printing Co., building.  Next, somewhat blurry was Nathan E. Sickles, notary and insurance agent, and for some time township trustee and assessor.  Next was John W. McCrory, justice of the peace, whose office was in the present Steuben Printing Co. building.  Next to the right was William Brown, able and well known lawyer, in whose office Judge Carlin started to learn and practice the law.  The patriarchal looking gentleman next right was Lawrence Gates, also a Civil War veteran, and prominent Odd Fellow, who was also engaged in the insurance business.  Dr Robert Tremaine was next with his little Van Dyke beard. He was an optician also in the Steuben Printing Company building, and was also a skilled artist on the cello.  Sitting on the ground between the two chairs, Judge Carlin will be readily recognized with his forelock and well known smile.  Next was Lauren F. Smith, for many years county surveyor, and the father of Fred Smith, Angola business man.  And last to the right was Orville Goodale, associated for many years with Francis Macartney in the abstract business, acquiring this business under the name of Goodale Abstract Company on the death of his partner.  The company still doing business under that name is now owned and managed by Orville Stevens, a nephew and namesake.

Steuben Republican February 2, 1949