Local History and Genealogy

Saturday, November 2, 2013


A Few short human interest items taken from
columns in the Steuben Republican

One evening this week a certain grass widow and another young woman of this village, who no doubt have a great affinities for mankind dressed themselves in men's array and paraded our street to their own satisfaction.  Now this grass widow, is waiting the action of our Court, to get a divorce, and it looks as though she was in a great hurry to attract the attention of the men, that she soon would be in market again for matrimony. We think such conduct is very unbecoming, and no one claiming to be a lady would ever be seen with men's clothes on the street, with the intention of attracting the attention of men.  We would advise them to lay aside their men's attire, roll up their sleeves and take a turn at the wash tub and perform the duties necessary to the keeping of a clean healthy kitchen, and think that that kind of business would be more honorable to the, and satisfactory to the world.

Steuben Republican April 7, 1860

The trustees of the Old Cemetery (Old Angola) wish that people who have occasion to bury their dead in that place would see Jacob Stealy, the secretary, before digging graves.  The men who dug Will Brode's grave last week , by mistake opened up another one.

Steuben Republican  January 14, 1903  

West Maumee street is becoming quite popular as a race track these days, nad the racing is not confined alone to those who may think they own fast goers.  Nearly every day there is one or more races on this street and Sunday is no exception.  Last Sunday afternoon three young bloods, each driving a farm horse, raced from Hotel Hendry to the depot, the one in lead yelling at his horse like a Comanche Indian.  One little girl near the Christian Church was nearly run over, and many others hurried from the street. People living on this street are greatly annoyed and kept in constant anxiety fir the safety of their children, and if there is a remedy for the evil it ought to be used.

 Steuben Republican August 12, 1903