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Monday, August 26, 2013

Letter From Civil War Camp to the Steuben Republican

Camp Nevin, Hardin Co.,
Dec 9, 1861

Messrs. Editors

It is with a sad heart, that I write you the first time.  Yesterday we buried the first man of Company A., who has yet died among us, James Gatehouse.  He died in the Hospital Dec. 7th at 4 o'clock A. M.  His remains were the next day followed to the grave by the whole Company, headed by the chaplain.  He was first taken with the measles and before he recovered from these, fully, by the lung fever.  He was a good soldier, and died lamented by all.

Always ready, and faithful, he enjoyed the confidence of his officers, and the respect of his comrades; but his place is now vacant in our ranks.  He lies far from home and kindred, beneath the soil of Kentucky.

Citizens of Steuben!  James Gatehouse died for you, and your homes -- for his country and posterity.  He periled his life in deference of the best interests of mankind, and lost it.

He lived for humanity, and died a hero.  May his countrymen, while they cherish his memory, not forget his wife and family.

Lieut. Melendy, U.S.A.

Steuben Republican December 21, 1861