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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Attendance On Part Of School Teachers
Also Goes On Record Against Midweek Athletic And Social Functions -- For Better Schools

The county board of education in session last Monday in the county superintendent's office, agreed unanimously to employ no teachers who frequents the public dance halls.  Such action, in the opinion of the board, needs no argument in its defense.  The moral welfare of the schools was considered by the board to be the sole basis for the argument.  The new form of contract devised by the state provides fifteen days notice as necessary to annul either party.  The trustees propose to use this feature to enforcing the order and thus to promote its better campaign for better schools.

Other features of school administration were discussed by the board.  Inter-school athletics received its share of comment.  The opinion of the board seems to be opposed to all mid-week inter-scholastic games.  All such sports as well as all social functions of the schools should be scheduled on Friday or Saturday evenings.  

Some members of the board are also of the opinion that action ought to be taken concerning the employment of men who have the tobacco or pool room habit.

Steuben Republican July 13, 1921