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Thursday, January 10, 2013


The oldest person living in the confines of Steuben County is Mrs. Sarah Anspaugh, who will be one hundred years old on Oct 11, 1930.  Although confined to her bed and to a wheel chair as the result of injuries received in a fall several years ago, she is in splendid health and there is no reason why she should not live to round out a full century and enjoy the birthday celebration which is being planned at her home with her son, Jacob Anspaugh, one mile east and one-half mile south of Alvarado in Richland Township.  She takes a keen interest in things going on about the home and in the community and is proud of the distinction of having lived nearly one hundred years.

At times Mrs. Anspaugh is able to recall and talk interestingly of the things that transpired long before two-thirds of the present generation was born.  Her life history runs back through the development of this nation from struggling states to the greatest civil power in the world.  

Mrs. Anspaugh was the daughter of Samuel Cain and was born in Pennsylvania.  Her parents came to Williams county, Ohio when she was six years of age.  When she was seventeen years of age she was married to Jacob Anspaugh, and they lived in Williams County until 1865, when they moved to Richland Township in Steuben County, on the old Anspaugh place on-half mile east and one-half mile south of Metz, which was her home until two years ago, when her son Samuel who later owned the farm moved to Angola, and she went to live with her son Jacob. Their post office address is now Edon.

Seven children were born to Mr and Mrs. John Anspaugh for whom six are still living, one son dying nearly seventy years ago.  The survivors are all in good health and will all probably live to enjoy the coming centennial celebration of their mother's birth.  The are: Jacob Ansbaugh, age 80; Samuel Anspaugh, 78; Mrs Hester Kirk, 72; JOhn, 70; Amanda Flegal,67; and Grant 65.  Frank died at age 6.

There are nine grandchildren, Mrs. Clara Tingler and Mrs. Lura Metz, daughters of Jacob Anspaugh; George, son of Samuel; Mrs Clela Pervines, daughter of Amanda Flegal; Mrs. H. Barnhart, H.G., C.H., and Ralph, children of Grant Anspaugh, and Glen, son of John Ansbaugh.  There are eleven great grandchildren in her progeny.

Without doubt the community will join, at least by postcard acknowledgement, in the celebration of Mrs. Anspaugh's centennial celebration in October next.

Steuben Republican 1930

NOTE:   Mrs Sarah Anspaugh lived until the age of 102.