Local History and Genealogy

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Many readers of this paper remember the spirited team that used to pull the fire truck in Angola about twenty years ago.  And no one was prouder of the steeds than their driver, Ev. Wilkinson.  The team was also utilized for street work and like all fire horses whenver the fire alarm sounded they went tearing toward the fire barn.  Occasionally the alarm sounded when no one was holding the horses, but that made no difference - they lit out for the barn anyway.  The cut shows the team and their driver Mr Wilkinson, the picture being taken at the corner of North Wayne and Gilmore street.  The far corner is where the Golden Garage now stands and the tinshop of Walter Wolford stood where the Texaco Station now stands.  Incidentally the overhead telephone lines and  the muddy streets indicate that there has been much improvement in the city since that time.

Steuben Republican April 30, 1941