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Saturday, September 10, 2011

World's Second Largest Man At Hospital In Angola

     Several problems were encountered early this week at the Elmhurst Hospital when they entertained as a patient the world's second largest man.  But because of his congenial, cooperative attitude, he turned out to be one of their most pleasant patients in recent months.
     The events began to happen when Max Palmer, 8'2" giant from Cleveland Ohio, became ill as he was traveling the Indiana Toll Road enroute to Chicago, Illinois.  His wife, who was driving the auto, brought him to Angola for medical care.  A local physician had Palmer entered in the Elmhurst hospital for treatment and observation.  As usual, an ambulance was called to transport the ill man.  After some calculation by the 150 pound, 5'6" driver, he decided to let his ill passenger, all 410 pounds of him, get into the ambulance himself.
     At the hospital, the problem of a bed was considered and attendants even thought of placing two together, but the cheerful patient said he was used to such inconveniences and that the usual six and a half foot variety would do.
     Palmer had one advantage over the other patients.  He could lie down on the high hospital bed and still was able to reach over the side and pick up magazines or other items that fell to the floor.
     After he was on the mend, Palmer was able to take nourishment.  He had for breakfast four eggs, four bowls of cereal, two glasses or orange juice, 8 slices of toast and a pitcher of milk, but sent back two rolls, saying he was not very hungry.
     The attending physician had to change his normal calculations, too.  He had to increase medicine dosage to about double to get the required response.
     The 30 year old Palmer started to grow to his bigger than usual size when he was 16 years of age.  He is now 30.  He is well proportioned and muscular with little fat.  Until three years ago he did considerable wrestling but  since that time has been on personal appearance tours. It was on such a tour that Palmer was engaged when illness detoured him into Angola.
     He wears size 21 shoes, size 21 shirt but his proportions are about those of any normal-sized person.
     As Palmer was leaving the hospital Tuesday, a patient looked over his partition-screen and saw the upper part of Palmer gliding along near the ceiling as he was ducking beams and light fixtures.  "My gosh," the startled patient exclaimed, "is that a ghost?"
The Steuben Republican.  April 16, 1958.