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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Angola's Public Library Will Not Be On Square

(By Kist News Bureau)

Angola, Ind., July 10 - The committee appointed at a recent meeting held in the rooms of the Commercial club to canvass the city to ascertain the expression of the citizens and taxpayers with reference to asking the city council to appropriate the use of the public square in this city for a site on which to locate the "Carnegie"  public library reported to the board Monday evening the result of the canvass.  The vote, as secured and tabulated showed 176 votes for and 221 against the proposition. A full vote could not be secured owing to the absence of many from the city and a number of other who either had no preference or refused absolutely to express themselves, but the result was sufficient to convince the council that it would not be prudent, at least t this time to order the public square to be so used,  With some of our local attorneys there are doubts as to the legality of such grant and use were it made.  The next move as to the "improvement" of the public square is likely to be made by the G.A.R. and soldier friends for a soldiers' monument on the square.  The public library proposition will come up later.

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:   August 11, 1909