Local History and Genealogy

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Off For Camp

Monday morning of this week a great crows gathered at the depot in Angola to say goodbye to the boys of Company B of the State Militia as they started for the annual camp at Indianapolis.  It was such an expression of community interest as would do the Company good.  Angola was creditably represented in last year's encampment, and our people confidently expect the same rank of honor this season.  Following is the list of officers and enlisted men who found it possible to leave for camp on this occasion:
Captain E. D. Kemery
First Lieutenant H. L. Rockwood
2nd Lieutenant Samuel Sheffer
Sergeant  Howard Jackson
Corporals Mack Fisher, H. E. Michael and Harry McKillen
Musician, Charles Goodwin
Names of the Privates:
Mort Barron, Phin Campbell, James Carr, J. Clark, E.L. Cory, W. Croxton, J.M. Davis, Sumner Davis, Howard Deller, Jason Ferris, Guy Hagerty, James Hall, R. Jewell, G. Kellogg, Glen Kemery, W.D. Kline, Burl Martin, Galen Melendy, Harry Newell, Herb Pugh, Melvin Reed, John Rinehart, Clyde Ritter, W. Russell, Fred Snowberger, Wesley Somerlott, Jesse tabor, C. Thomas, Guy Tingler, Lloyd Tingler,
Glenn VanAuken, Elro Wilkinson, Ed Yockey
Charles Freygang and Irvin Sowle accompanied the boys as helpers, and George Harter as cook.

Steuben Republican July 29, 1903

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Joyce Library

The Joyce library and reading rooms are assuming an air of completion.  Several hundred volumes of books have been placed upon the shelves, among them which are the very best and latest works, besides all the standard authors and reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, histories, etc.  Mr. Joyce expects to keep abreast with the times in the purchase of the newest, clean good literature of the day for his library.  A natural physical appetite can only be satisfied by nutritious food which supplies the wants of a healthy body and insures growth, a rounding out of natures plan.  So the intellect must be nourished with high, pure, noble thoughts in order to "grow in grace and in the knowledge of the truth," as the wise designer has planned it. 

The appreciation felt by people of Orland and vicinity to Mr. Joyce for his magnificent gift cannot be expressed in words.  As Time, the great revealer of all truth, rolls along its mighty way, it will be said of Mr. Joyce that he too, "builded better than he knew."  Orland has the honor of having built the first church (the Baptist) in the country, and now we are justly proud that another honor has placed Orland in the front rank, by having the first free library fully equipped, beautiful in all its appointments, a gift to Orland and vicinity.  The library room for artistic beauty in design and finish is said by good judges to be second to none in the state,  When in Orland see for yourself.

Steuben-Republican January 14, 1903